Eccentricity is never dull.

A horse riding, book loving, dog owner of two who likes seals…quite a bit! I’m Glynis, and I’m a self-confessed shoeaholic! And while being honest, I may as well share with you that I’m also a complete teddy bear nut; I can’t tell you how many I have (no, literally I have no idea there are so many).

I’ve always kept horses and dogs and my love of seals extends so far that I named my oldest dog just that, ‘Seal’. She’s a beautiful black Labrador with seal-like silky fur, so actually it’s not as barmy as it first sounds.

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside!

When I’m not in my studio or busy out on shoots, I can usually be found on a beach somewhere. I just love the energy and creativity gained from a brisk walk along windswept sands or a lone kayak trip.

Where it all began

My obsession for photography came at a very young age when I was often caught jumping out on family, friends and our animals with my camera in hand. And while nowadays I’m less inclined to sneak up on people to get that perfect un-posed shot, not much has changed. I still adore working with natural light, with all its quirks and challenges, and my photography is about capturing simple moments and having a blast doing it.

Getting down to business

Photography has always been my passion and my ongoing love affair with my craft is what has lead to my vast experience. I challenge myself creatively and like to experiment. Glynis Bland Photography was launched in 2009 when I held my first exhibition, and I can honestly say I’ve never looked back. I am lucky enough to work on some incredible projects, and realise I’m a walking cliché when I tell you I feel privileged making a living from the hobby I adore (well one of them anyway, the teddies and shoes are yet to pay their way).

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