In the good old days of film photography, we missed out recording so many memories with our children. There is no excuse these days with the amazing cameras on your phones.

I see lots of lovely pictures of families and children on social media but the person behind the camera is not often seen and it is usually Mum.

Mum on a good day will have a million things going around in her head – has Charlie finished his homework, what to make for tea, dog to walk etc etc.

Mum will always be the first to capture the first steps, the explosive poo, the walk in the wood, family holidays – time and time again I see social media album of photos with no images of Mum.

Mum will say that they hate the way they look, her makeup isn’t right or don’t like how they look in photographs, but it isn’t about that. Children do not see the weight gain, the lack of makeup or dark circles in the photos. Children see their Mum – the person they run too when they have hurt themselves or the person who makes them smile everyday.

You need to include yourselves for the sake of your children, if not for yourself.
Imagine your child looking back in years to come at a photo of the two of you laughing and smiling together. That can only make them happy and feel good about themselves, no matter how old they are.

So, Ladies get in front of the camera for once and get Dads (or better still someone else ) to snap away.

You owe this to your children, grandchildren and yourselves. We may hate having out photos taken but we are likely to hate it even more when we look back at all the photos and realise we are absent.

Dads – just humour us – make sure Mum is involved in the photo and not behind the scenes.

So, now on my family shoots I make sure Mum has as many images with her babies as possible – whether the children are aged 3 yr or 53yrs, they will always be Mum’s babies.

I am always happy to organise Mum and Children bespoke shoots. Please get in touch