“People buy people”, it’s something we hear time and time again, but what does it mean? To me, it’s just a simple fact that we want to surround ourselves with people we like in a business environment, just as we do in our personal life. Friendly, honest, “real” people who we can trust.

Our business profile aims to communicate our human side to prospective clients, and our headshots or business images should do so too. But how do we do this in a single flat image?

For profile pictures, I love outdoor shoots the best, using natural light to create real, honest and professional pictures. I encourage clients to tell me about their businesses and themselves; inevitably their personality, and enthusiasm and passion for their craft then shine through in the images I capture. Whether on your social media platforms, your website or printed materials, your profile pictures are your first impression to the world so make it a great one!

My commercial shoots also encompass products and interiors, and are perfect for any business wishing to showcase their offer and successes.

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