An early Sunday morning saw me collecting Katie and Sally for our location model shoot.

It was a beautiful morning and on the 30-minute drive to Hodge Close we saw very few cars.  The light as we drove up the valley from Greenodd to Coniston was amazing.

Hodge Close car park was empty, so plenty of time to get the photos before it became busy with tourists and dog walkers.

The plan was to wear the blue wedding dress – this was one of my many collected dresses and was ideal to match the colours of the slate in the quarry. The dress is massive and also has a hoop to go underneath to give it more shape.

When working on this type of shoot I am continually looking for the light, what will make the image that is in my head.

The shoot was about ‘dancer on a music box’ and how an industrial landscape can be so beguiling.

Once we had worked with the blue dress it was then fun to change the feeling of the shoot with just the white under hoop. The light from the silver birch trees was fantastic. The whole shoot just kept giving but we had to call it a day as breakfast was calling.

I offer a variety of services that celebrate the great outdoors. The natural light, striking backdrops and freedom it offers, make these shoots incredibly fun and rewarding for all involved. If you are interested in a location shoot get in touch to chat about your ideas.

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